Progesterone and Women's Health

March 05, 2019

Strong Women - Living health and wellness is exploring women's health for Women's history month, beginning with progesterone

In honor of Women's history month this March, Living Health and Wellness is exploring the connection between hemp extract and hormones and women's health. Today, we're taking a closer look at progesterone and women's health. 

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The Heart Healthy Reasons to Eat (and Drink!) More Color

February 26, 2019

Organic fruits and vegetables - heart healthy color - blog by O2 Living makers of organic, cold-pressed Living Juice
The American Heart Association agrees with us, fruits and veggies are a necessary part of a healthy diet! Fruits and vegetables are packed with natural nutrients, can help with weight management, and can help prevent and reduce your risk of serious chronic health conditions. Read to learn more about the benefits of adding more color to your day!

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What is HPP?

February 23, 2019

HPP machine - used for organic cold-pressed fruit and vegetable Living juices
High Pressure Processing - also known as HPP - is the use of cold pasteurization process to ensure the safety and stability of foods and beverages, without preservatives or heat.  HPP is an FDA- and USDA- approved method for preserving beverages, like Living Juice's organic, cold-pressed juices, by Living Health and Wellness makers, O2 Living. Read our blog to learn more about the benefits of HPP!

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Added Sugars and Heart Health

February 16, 2019

Sugar and added sugars blog by O2 Living makers of Living Health and Wellness hemp extract and hormone products
Ever wonder the difference between added sugars and natural sugars? Natural sugars can be found in fruits, vegetables, milk and grains, before processing. Added sugars are put into food, beverages and condiments during production and processing and are linked to quite a few different health issues, including heart disease. Read more about heart health in our blogs this month! 

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Hate Exercise? Try This!

February 09, 2019

O2 Living and Living Hemp blog - hiking as exercise - rethink your exercise and activity

O2 Living is making it our mission to discuss American heart health this February. We've talked about some ways to prevent heart disease, such as exercise. But what if exercise doesn't come easy to you? Do not worry! We've got a great way for you to rethink your activity.

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Getting Heart Healthy This Month

February 05, 2019

Woman preparing to run - O2 Living blog on heart health in February

February is American Heart Month and at O2 Living we understand the importance of taking care of not only your heart, but your entire body as well. This week, we're discussing ways in which you can prevent heart disease. A healthy diet and active lifestyle are just the beginning! 

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Stress and Heart Health

February 02, 2019

Stress and heart health - Blog by O2 Living makers of O2 Living organic hemp extract CBD and hormone products on Amazon

February is American Heart Health month. This month we'll be taking a look at heart health and steps we can take to improve our heart health. First, we're exploring the link between stress and heart health. While research is still ongoing about the link between stress and heart health, stress can impact behaviors and factors that increase the risk of heart disease. Find out how you can cope with your stress in a healthy way! 

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Go Red for Women This Friday and All February

January 30, 2019

Living Health and Wellness, home of hemp extract and hormone products, is proud to support American Heart Health month this February

This Friday, February 1st is the day we Go Red for Women! February is American Heart Month, and the Go Red for Women campaign is designed to increase awareness women's heart health globally. Join us at Living Health and Wellness as we raise awareness for heart health throughout the month. 

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40% Off Hemp Extract Oil, 250mg Right Now!

January 22, 2019

Organic Living Hemp Extract Oil, 250mg now on sale for 40% off at Amazon
Enjoy 40% off Living Hemp Extract Oil, 250mg right now on Amazon! Experience the many benefits of our organic hemp extract oil. Our Hemp Extract Oil is blended with organic espresso flavor for a new and delicious taste!

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What Happens When We Laugh

January 19, 2019

Three women laughing - benefits of laughter and relaxation by O2 Living makers of organic, full spectrum hemp extract oil
We change physiologically when we laugh. We stretch muscles throughout our face and body, our pulse and blood pressure go up, and we breathe faster sending more oxygen to our tissues. People who believe in the benefits of laughter say it can feel like a workout and may actually offer some of the same advantages as one. 
 Read our blog to learn more about the benefits of laughter and how you can increase laughter in your life! 

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Organic Diets May Lower Cancer Risk

January 15, 2019

Organic vegetables being cut - organic diet may lower cancer risk - blog by O2 Living, makers of organic, cold-pressed Living juice and organic hemp extract products
The Washington Post recently reported that organic diets may lower cancer risk. The article cites a French Study that was published in October in the JAMA Internal Medicine which found that individuals who eat a mostly organic diet reduce their overall cancer risk by 25 percent. 

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New O2 Living Products - Coming Soon!

January 12, 2019

O2 Living, home of Living Juice and Living Health and Wellness, introduce new organic, cold-pressed juices this upcoming week!
O2 Living, parent company of Living Health and Wellness and Living Juice, is about to introduce new organic, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices! This week Living Juice will announce new products. Stay tuned here and at!

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