3 Benefits of Yoga

June 15, 2019

O2 Living - living hemp extract and progesterone blog - woman practicing yoga

O2 Living was born out of a holistic, wellness studio and spa, complete with yoga studio! Yoga, its principles and benefits to the body and mind, play an integral role at O2 Living. Learn more about the benefits of yoga below, and feel free to share with friends and family to spread the yoga love! 

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O2 Living's Lazy Girl Guide to Health

June 11, 2019

O2 Living - hemp extract and progesterone - girl meditating

We all know the importance of exercise and eating whole, fresh foods. But that’s easier said than done for some of us. Whether you’re so busy you don’t have time to fuss with intricate grocery lists and 90-minute yoga classes, or really are just so lazy you don’t want to try – or both, like me – here are some steps you can take to improve your health with minimal effort.

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The Great Sugar Debate

June 08, 2019

O2 Living Blog - Organic fruit salad - by makers of Living health and wellness hemp extract and progesterone products

Sugar has come under fire recently, but not all sugars are created equal. Before you swap out sweet strawberries, apples and oranges for kale in the name of healthy living, consider the differences between natural sugar and added sugar. 

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Happy and Healthy Summertime Food Tips for Families

June 04, 2019

O2 living - Living hemp extract and progesterone blog - safe and health summer tips for families
Picnics, barbecues and road trips are all part of summertime fun.  They can also be a part of your healthy lifestyle with a handful of smart strategies. Check out our blog, guest written by Dylan at healthwellwise.com! 

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Mental Health in May: Brain Boosting Recipes for Summer

May 31, 2019

O2 Living recipe - organic kale and arugula salad by makers of organic, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable Living Juice

This past May, we featured blogs around mental health issues, awareness and education. We've compiled all of our O2 Living recipes that feature nutrients and vitamins for promoting healthy brain functioning and mental health. We hope you enjoy these delicious, healthy, vegan and organic recipes! 

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Mental Health in May: Better Diet, Better Mental Health

May 28, 2019

O2 Living organic cold-pressed Living Juice blog - Italian fruit and vegetable market for mental health

We've all heard it before, you are what you eat. What we may not have realized is that the food we eat and diet we keep can impact not only our physical health, but our mental health as well. Read our blog to learn more about how diet can impact your mental health and what vitamins and nutrients support healthy brain functioning!

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Mental Health in May: World Health Organization Prioritizes Mental Health

May 25, 2019

O2 Living Blog - World Health Organization 72nd World Health Assembly

May is mental health awareness month. This past week, the World Health Organization (WHO) met at the 72nd World Health Assembly and prioritized global mental health. While many barriers exist to promoting and treating mental health worldwide, this declaration of the importance of global mental health is a huge step forward for all.

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Mental Health in May: New study finds CBD may help limit cravings and anxiety in heroin users

May 21, 2019

O2 Living blog - CBD and hemp extract oil dropper - by Living Health and Wellness makers of hemp extract and hormone products

The opioid crisis is a significant global health problem. Despite the current treatments available for opioid-dependent patients, the majority of patients relapse. A recent study out of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York found that CBD oil helped reduce cue-induced cravings and anxiety in a small sample of heroin dependent patients. 

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Mental Health in May: Work Life Balance

May 18, 2019

O2 Living health and wellness hemp extract and progesterone - blog on work life balance

Trying to “find” work life balance is an invitation to fail. It simply can’t be done. Mastering the latest productivity or time management technique will not bring balance into your life -  nor will the latest apps or gadgets.

The reason why we fail is our focus and mind set tends to be, “if I work long enough, I can get everything done.” But this is an illusion and there is always more to do. This month, we're focusing on our mental health - and that includes finding 

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Mental Health In May: Managing Stress from the Inside Out

May 14, 2019

O2 Living health and wellness hemp extract and progesterone blog  - organic fruits and vegetables

This May, O2 Living and the JCK Foundation have partnered to raise awareness for mental health! We're featuring blogs and articles on mental health issues. This week we're talking about how you may be able to manage and deal with your stress from the inside out. 

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Mental Health in May: Recent Survey Shows Decreasing Stigma

May 11, 2019

O2 Living blog - Living health and wellness hemp extract and progesterone - friends enjoying picnic together

This month, O2 Living, has partnered with the JCK Foundation to increase awareness around mental health. We'll be sharing blogs featuring about mental health topics and news. This week, we're looking at a recently conducted survey that shows mental health stigma and shame may be fading in the US. 

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Mental Health in May: Hemp Extract and Anxiety

May 07, 2019

Young stressed man contemplating using Living Hemp Extract oil for his symptoms of stress and anxiety

This May, O2 Living has partnered with the JCK Foundation to help spread awareness for mental health and mental health issues. We'll be featuring blogs about current topics in mental health. This week we're taking a deeper look at anxiety, stress and hemp extract. 

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