Wellness Journey Week 6: All about YOU!

February 22, 2020

Congratulations! We've made it to the 6th and final week of our 2020 Wellness Journey! If you've been participating in our intentional wellness journey, we've been exercising, staying hydrated, getting rid of unwanted toxins, eating detoxifying foods, and prioritizing sleep. This week (and hopefully every week starting now!) we're focusing on mindful self-care. Read below and join us! 

Mindful Self-Care

Meditation by the ocean - O2 Living blog makers of Living health and wellness hemp extract CBDSelf-care is a wellness trend that we hope is NOT a fad. In an always-connected world, the popular "no-days-off" mindset is not conducive to relaxation and overall well-being. Burnout is a huge problem; it's chronic and can lead to stress and negative health outcomes. To combat this, we're going to schedule time to mindfully reconnect with ourselves. Whether it's a manicure, starting a new book, journaling or a bubble bath, being mindful about what relaxes and recharges you is key! 

Need more of a reset than a recharge? 

O2 Living Carrot Kick organic cold-pressed fruit and vegetable Living Juice by O2 Living makers of Living Hemp Extract CBDSometimes we need more than just a 30 minute bath or 10 minute meditation to heal from the daily stress of life. If this sounds like you right now, why not try a juice cleanse? Fasting has been around for centuries as a practice believed to bring spiritual and physical renewal. While a juice cleanse is not quite fasting, it allows you to take your mind off of food, become more aware and observant of what is going on in your body, detox, and clear the mind! You don't need to do a week-long juice cleanse to clear the mind, a one day cleanse done mindfully can help you reset and recharge. To learn more about organic, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable Living Juice cleanses by O2 Living, check them out here

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