Surviving Cold and Flu Season Yoga Style

February 29, 2020

Cold and flu season is just about over, but with a lingering winter it seems sniffles and coughs are on the rise. While many people will reach for over-the-counter medicines and remedies to relieve symptoms, there is another more natural and organic way to find relief: yoga! 

Gentle, restorative postures and breathing techniques can help to relieve your symptoms, possibly even shortening the duration of your cold. Listen to your body, and if necessary, choose a supported/modified version of each pose. The best way to promote healing and fight off the cold or flu is to give your body plenty of rest. Honor how you are feeling, and don't push beyond your limits. 

Child's Pose (Balasana) 

ladies in child's pose - blog by O2 Living - makers of living health and wellness hemp extract CBDThis restful pose slightly inverts the body, encouraging blood flow to the head to help relieve tension and headaches, and gravity to help clear your sinuses. 

Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

One of the most effective poses for relief from sinus congestion, the Uttanasana will help drain your sinuses, reduce pressure and bring energy to your respiratory system. Start with a modified version of this pose by resting your forearms on a chair or table. 

Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)

bound angle pose - O2 Living blog - makers of living health and wellness hemp extract CBDThere are many health benefits associated with this pose as it opens the chest, abdomen, groin and relaxes the nervous system. You will see immediate results as this pose facilitates deep and restorative breathing. 

 Single Nostril Breath (Surya Bhedana Pranayama) 

This single nostril breath-awareness exercise will provide relief from blocked nasal passages and provide support to your respiratory system. 

Many yogis claim that they get sick less often with regular practice, and when they do get sick their colds are less severe and shorter in duration. Does practicing yoga make you less susceptible to illness? We can't say for certain but we do know that we feel better because of our practice, make healthier choices and enjoy a mind, body and spirit connection that keeps us going through flu season. Join us on the mat! 

If you feel yourself coming down with a cold or sore throat, you may be in need of a soothing drink with anti-inflammatory properties. Look no further than Living Juice's Fresh Start - by O2 Living - packed with ginger (a natural anti-inflammatory)! Enjoy one today! 

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