The Benefits of Chilling Out: Why Relaxation is So Good For Us

Stress can be considered the opposite of relaxation. Though sometimes good for keeping us productive and moving, too much of it has observable and proven effects on the physical body and mind. Stress sends our blood pressure skyrocketing, our heart beating, and our appetite fluctuating. Stress isn’t just an emotion-- it’s accompanied by a hormone release that has real consequences. Our blood vessels tighten, stomach acid production increases, sex drive dips, and painful symptoms like headaches, stomachaches, and migraines can appear. But have no fear-- we have relaxation on our side. 
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Meditation and medication absolutely can help. But so can just taking a break and setting aside time to treat yourself to a little reprieve. Products like O2 Living CBG Drops don’t claim to be a miracle cure for severe diseases as the research has yet to be solidified. However the drops and other products like it offer a chance to take a break, loosen our tense muscles, and feel the dynamic pain relief that relaxation provides. 

If there is one takeaway from the above, it’s that we all need to take a step back and treat ourselves every once in a while. Our bodies and minds will thank us.

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