What are the science-backed benefits of hemp extract?

November 19, 2018

O2 Living Health and Wellness products feature high quality hemp with a variety of science-backed health benefitsLiving Health and Wellness, by O2 Living, has a line of products featuring innovative, USDA certified organic hemp extract products. We hold our hemp products to the same high standard of our Living Juice, by O2 Living. Our hemp extract is the highest-quality possible, cold-pressed from the hemp seeds. We manufacture our hemp oil under strict conditions to ensure you receive the exact potency and quality as described on the label. Living Hemp extract oil is non-psychoactive. Our hemp extract oils are blended with organic, fractionated MCT oil. MCT is a form of saturated fatty acid supporting issues ranging from cognitive function to weight management. 

What are the benefits of hemp extract? 

There are many health benefits to hemp extract, and hemp extract has been used for many years as a natural and holistic treatment for inflammation, pain relief, depression and more. Scientific evidence is accumulating giving hemp extract oil more backing and added popularity when it comes to natural treatments. Below are some of the health benefits of hemp extract, backed by science. 

1. Hemp extract may relieve chronic pain. 

Several studies have found that hemp extract and hemp extract oil may relieve chronic pain and reduce inflammation, showing promising results for future research. A recent review of studies found that hemp extract can reduce inflammation in joints and other parts of the body in rats with no possible side effects [1]. This gives hope that the same can be found in humans. 

Additionally, a separate study found that Sativex, a hemp-based drug, found that hemp extract can alleviate pain from rheumatoid arthritis and may suppress RA activity [2].   

These findings are just a few examples of many studies showing that hemp extract may help alleviate chronic pain and reduce inflammation within the body. 

2. Hemp extract oil reduces anxiety and depression. 

Due to the fact that hemp extract binds to receptors in the brain responsible for mood, sleep and appetite, mimicking the neurotransmitter serotonin, there is indication that hemp extract oil may be a possible treatment for anxiety and depression. 

Although most of the studies showing promising effects of hemp extract on anxiety and depression have been animal studies, there has been limited research on humans [3, 4, 5]. 

Case reports and personal testimonies grow for the use of hemp extract to reduce anxiety and depression.  

3. Hemp extract relieves cancer symptoms and may reduce tumor-growth cells. 

Hemp extract oil has been acknowledged by the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute for its potential in slowing and reducing the spread of some cancer growth. 

While they recognize that hemp extract oil is not a cure, hemp extract has been shown to aid in slowing the progression of several types of cancer, including breast, lung, prostate and colon [6]

Hemp extract can also alleviate pain associated with cancer, such as nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy [7].

4. Hemp extract oil is proven to reduce seizures in epilepsy. 

This summer the FDA approved the first-ever hemp extract drug for the treatment of seizures in rare forms of epilepsy [8]. This ground-breaking approval may allow for continued research into the medicinal benefits of hemp extract. 

5. Hemp extract has displayed anti-psychotic properties. 

Hemp extract has been studied in patients with Parkinson's disease and schizophrenia and has shown anti-psychotic properties for both [9, 10]

6. Hemp extract could help lower risk of diabetes and heart disease. 

In other animal studies, hemp extract has been shown to lower the incidence of type 2 diabetes [11]. This study leads others to believe that hemp extract may reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease among humans. 

7. Hemp extract may improve skin health.

 Hemp extract has external benefits as well as internal. In fact, hemp extract has been found to reduce acne [12].

8. Hemp extract may help treat substance use disorders.  

Oddly enough, hemp extract counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC. This fact has led researchers to study the use of hemp extract in decreasing the addictive use of marijuana. Research has also found that hemp extract may help treat addiction to tobacco and even heroin [13, 14, 15]

Where can you find high-quality hemp extract products? 

O2 Living Health and Wellness products feature high quality hemp extract for a variety of health benefitsLiving Health and Wellness products, from O2 Living makers of Living Juice, feature hemp extract products with a variety of benefits. Explore Living Health and Wellness hemp extract products and learn more about hemp extract on our blog

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