Wellness Journey Week 3 - Get Rid of Unwanted Toxins

February 01, 2020

Well Done! 

woman ready for a jog - o2 living blog - makers of living hemp extract CBD and hormone productsYou've committed to two weeks and are successfully developing habits to create a happier you, and a healthier lifestyle designed to last. In week #1, we were mindful about getting up and moving. From fitting in some squats in the morning, a jog at lunch or yoga after work to shed the stress, keeping your body moving helps keep joints lose, muscles tight and gives you the energy you need to get through life’s little challenges, whatever they may be.Last week, we challenged you to increase your water intake and provided you with some easy ways to keep hydrated on the go.

So, what’s next? So far it’s been all about what to do. This week, we focus on what to cut back on in order to feel your best. Here we go!


The goal of the O2 Living 6-Week Wellness Journey is not to find a fast fix to losing weight; we're creating sustainable habits that promotes an overall healthy lifestyle, both inside and out. Reducing (or eliminating) toxins from your diet sounds easy, but might be harder than you think. We’re not talking a full-on juice cleanse quite yet. We’re talking about crunching down on the food and drink choices that may be a large part of your daily diet.

Healthy dinner with salad and grain bowls - O2 Living hemp extract CBD This includes food and drink that contain (or may contain) chemicals or pesticides (including non-organic fruits and vegetables); processed sugars; caffeine; and other foods that may be doing more harm than good. Quick tip from the experts! You don’t go cold fish. Change isn’t made overnight, and you don't have to say goodbye to these foods forever. Gradually try substituting foods in your daily diet that contain toxins with ones that don’t. This doesn't mean you can't have a sweet treat or enjoy some french fries every once in a while. We're aiming to be mindful about our everyday choices and limiting our exposure to unwanted toxins.

Get creative, be patient with yourself, and have fun! 

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