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New Year New Me

This past year has been a long haul. It has been full of unprecedented challenges, monotonous routine, and a jarring switch from the norm. But human beings are resilient, and we have come out the other side weathered but hopeful for the new year. There are many aspects about 2020 we’d like to forget, so for now we’ll do just that and fix our eyes ahead to some things we can look forward to.

Immune Boosts

Two vaccines are currently approved and in use across the globe. The ​​​​Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Vaccines both provide up to 95% immunity to the coronavirus. Rollout is slow but happening nonetheless, and every day we will be closer and closer to getting the disease under control.

New Beginnings

This New Year is bringing not just symbolic opportunities for growth but actual, noticeable change in society that for many is a refreshing change. A new president of the United States, for example, is to be sworn in shortly. Whatever your political leanings, a shakeup in the highest level of government may be a welcome shift.

The Olympics

Tokyo is set to host the postponed summer olympics in July. According to the International Olympic Committee, the normally extravagant event will be dialed back and simpler to accommodate virus concerns, but the mere fact that it is happening is cause for celebration. A unifying event like the olympics can do wonders for a collective sense of camaraderie and wellness.

Escape from Earth

An interplanetary rover, aptly named Perseverance after this past year, will land on a dry riverbed on the Red Planet’s surface. On February 18th Perseverance will enter Mars’s atmosphere, deploy a parachute to slow its descent, and finally touch down (aided by 8 rocket boosters) on the soil. Everyone will be able to watch the landing live on Nasa’s Youtube Channel.

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