Mental Health in May: Work Life Balance

O2 living health and wellness hemp extract and progesterone - work life balance Trying to “find” work life balance is an invitation to fail. It simply can’t be done. Mastering the latest productivity or time management technique will not bring balance into your life -  nor will the latest apps or gadgets.

The reason why we fail is our focus and mind set tends to be, “if I work long enough, I can get everything done.” But this is an illusion and there is always more to do. Our blogs this month are focusing on mental health issues and awareness. Here at O2 Living, we believe finding balance in your work and life are key to creating a healthy and happy lifestyle! Read our tips below for creating balance in your life. 

"Start thinking about work life balance in terms of boundaries and priorities. Balance starts with you, and you can’t achieve all you set out to do if you neglect your health.” ~ Rosemary

Create Work Life Balance

Work life balance is achieved by creating balance in your life. These five tips have been studied, written about, and tested. They sound easy enough but can be tough to put into practice. Start with small changes and soon you will notice your days becoming a little more manageable.

1. Schedule Down Time

We schedule business lunches and meetings but rarely do we schedule time with our family or friends as carefully as we plan our workday. When we don’t block off time for family, work slowly creeps in and takes over our day.

Adding family time to your calendar is easy, the challenge is to treat them with the same importance of any other meeting. Don’t cancel on your family or friends because they would understand.

2. Set Boundaries

Do you make it a habit to check your smartphone for email or messages before you go to bed or when you wake up? You are not alone. In a recent study conducted by the IDC, 79% of smartphone users reported they have their phone with them 22 hours a day, and 4 out of 5 reach for their phone within the first 15 minutes of waking up.

At its best, screen time (phone, tablet, computer or TV) can be entertaining, educational, and convenient. But there is a fine line between adding value to our lives and negatively impacting your health. Set screen time limits and establish gadget free zones, like the dinner table.

3. Get Moving

While it is tempting to skip your workout to squeeze in another 30 minutes of work, you might ultimately get more done and be better able to cope with work and day-to-day stress if you exercise on a regular basis.

The benefits of exercising are not just physical but mental, emotional, intellectual, social, and it tackles stress at every level. From walking to yoga to swimming – find something you enjoy and get moving.

4. Diet and Nutrition

We don’t expect to get very far when our vehicle is on empty but many of us are guilty of filling up on empty calories because we don’t have the time to properly feed our bodies. What we eat matters.

Living Juice's organic, cold-pressed Carrot Kick is filled with organic carrots, oranges and yellow beets We are advocates of an organic, live food diet, but if that is not for you, try increasing raw fruits and vegetables to approximately 51% of your diet. According to a study by Swiss doctor Paul Kouchadoff in the 1930’s, he found that a diet of at least 51% raw food could stop the body’s immune response typically triggered by cooked foods. Living Juice, by O2 Living, are organic cold pressed juices, which are a great way to increase your daily intake of raw food.

5. Take Time to Relax

In creating your work life balance, remember to find time for yourself. Even during your most hectic day, a 10-minute walk outside may be all you need to recharge your batteries and reduce stress levels.

Thanks to a growing body of research, and pioneers like Dr. Chopra, we know the importance the mind-body-spirit connection to health and well-being. In fact, the World Health Organization defines health as “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, not merely an absence of disease.” Thus, it is a necessity not a luxury to visit your favorite spa as part of maintaining your health and creating a work life balance!

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