Hemp Extract Oil - Beat the Holiday Stress Sale!

50% Off All Living Health and Wellness CBD Oils 

O2 Living Living Health and Wellness Hemp Extract oil CBD sale Holidays are a special time filled with loved ones, cheer, delicious food, presents and often times stress. This year you can beat the holiday stress before it even begins. O2 Living's Living Hemp Extract Oils are 50% off - just in time for the holidays. Treat yourself or a special someone to the ultimate gift - a stress-free winter! 

CBD for Stress 

Stress and inflammation are closely connected in the body. In fact, chronic stress triggers the body to react in the same way it would to an infection - with inflammation. Luckily, CBD is known for it's anti-inflammatory properties. It's a common alternative treatment for arthritic pain and joint inflammation. It's no shocker that CBD, which is beneficial for inflammation, is also helpful in combatting stress! 

Hemp extract (aka CBD), once in the body, acts in the same way as the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is responsible for mood, sleep and appetite. This means that CBD could possibly be a suitable treatment for anxiety and depression. This is not surprising given the countless personal testimonies about the benefits of CBD for improving sleep, reducing anxiety and helping with symptoms of depression. While case reports and personal testimonies grow for the use of hemp extract to reduce anxiety and depression, rigorous scientific studies on humans are still needed. 

The Perfect Gift for YOU!  

Christmas present - O2 Living blog Living health and wellness hemp extract and CBD 50% off This holiday season O2 Living is offering a special 50% off on our Living Health and Wellness Hemp Extract Oils! If you've been contemplating trying CBD, now is the time! Our Living Hemp Extract Oils are made with organic CBD, using a certified C02 extraction process. Our oils are blended with fractionated MCT oil (extract from coconut and palm oil), which has a number of benefits from cognitive function to weight management. 

Treat yourself to the ultimate gift - a stress-free holiday with O2 Living's Hemp Extract Oils either in 250mg or 1000mg per dose! 

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