Go Red for Women This Friday and All February

January 30, 2019

February is American Heart Month, and at Living Health and Wellness, we want to help you get heart healthy. Heart disease is the number 1 leading cause of death among women in the U.S., but the reality is that 80% of heart disease and stroke events are preventable. With proper education, care and the right information, heart disease can be treated, prevented and ended.

At O2 Living Hemp, we're going red for women. February is heart health month, and Living Health and Wellness, makes of hemp extract and CBD products, supports hearth health
The best way to begin prevention is at an early age, as researchers say that heart associated diseases can result from poor health behaviors in adolescence. Not only is a health-conscious lifestyle important, it is also imperative to educate yourself and those around you about risks and prevention.

How can you prevent heart disease?

A number of factors can put you at risk for heart disease and heart-related health conditions – some of which are in our control and some that are not. Studies have shown that healthy life choices have resulted in fewer deaths to heart disease.

Here are some healthy life choices you can make to prevent heart disease:

  • Don’t smoke! By not smoking and never initiating smoking, you are reducing your risk of many health conditions, including heart disease.
  • Pay attention to your diet and eat healthy. Know your body and familiarize yourself with the vitamins and nutrients we need. For example, the Vitamin B family, which includes folic acid, is a great group of vitamins that are responsible for supporting the body in cleaning the blood of homocysteine (amino acid). Other prominent heart healthy vitamins include C and E, as these contain antioxidants- great for the prevention of heart disease. 
  • Exercise and stay active! Taking care of your body with proper diet and exercise can help push out toxins and store proper nutrients our bodies need. This is the first step towards a healthy heart and it’s never too late to start!
  • Know your family history. Some risk factors for heart disease are genetic, so having insight into your family history of heart disease can help in prevention. 

Heart disease and stroke kill 1 in 3 women in the U.S., but we can change this by living a healthy life and getting active!

Want to do more? Show your support for Women’s Heart Health this Friday February 1st for National Wear Red Day! And continue to educate yourself and others in heart health! 

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O2 Living Hemp Extract blog - Go Red for Women - February is American Heart Health month

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