Consuming CBD: The Four Ways to get CBD into your Bod

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CBD, like many beneficial compounds, can be consumed in a number of ways. To decide which method makes the most sense for your needs, let's take a look at the four main ways that CBD is commonly consumed. 

1. Inhalation 

CBD can be smoked in a plant form, which looks like cannabis but lacks THC and therefore lacks any psychedelic effects. More commonly it is vaped, in which CBD concentrate is inhaled using a vaporizer. This method provides the highest concentration of CBD and delivers its effects immediately. However, the harshness of smoking on the lungs and throat may turn some people away, as well as the extra equipment required.

2. Ingestion

Ingestion of CBD is done through “edibles”, which are foods with CBD oil baked or inserted inside. As the body digests the foods, the CBD is released into the bloodstream. Many prefer edibles because they can come in any form: dinner, dessert, gummies, drinks, and more. However they take quite a while to kick in-- up to a few hours. o2Living Vegan Gummies are a great way to experience relief from ingestion.

3. Sublingual 

Sublingual, or “under the tongue”, application is exactly as it sounds. To get CBD’s effects, you simply place a drop of CBD oil underneath your tongue. Dosage with sublingual application is precise and produces long lasting relief.

4. Topical Application

Topical application means CBD is absorbed through the skin, usually with the use of a cream or a balm. Many athletes prefer this method because you can apply CBD cream to certain muscles or joints for precise relief. If you want to give topical CBD a try, o2Living Intense Relief Cream is an excellent choice.

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