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4 Ways Hemp Can Sustainably Replace Everyday Materials

1. Fuel

Unlike other alternatives like corn-based ethanol, hemp biofuel is closer to carbon neutral. It’s made from the fibers of the plant instead of the fruit or root, giving it its distinguishing characteristics.


2. Plastic

With tiny microplastics filling our oceans and plastic bags sailing down city streets, it’s important that we find an alternative. Hemp plastic can be just as durable and flexible as traditional plastic but is fully biodegradable. 


3. Paper

Hemp, like wood, has fibers that can be shredded, mixed to a pulp, and pressed to make paper. Unlike most trees though, hemp grows fast and is easily replaceable. More hemp-paper utilization could take some pressure off of our world’s forests.


4. Metal

Amazingly, Hemp has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel. Hard to believe? Vishel Vivek of Hemp Foundation puts it clearly, saying “It will take a lot more pressure to crack or break composite materials made of hemp fibers than the amount of pressure needed to crack or break things made of steel”. It's being used on a commercial scale, too. Panels of certain models of BMW, Mercedes and Bugatti cars are manufactured using a hemp fibre base.




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